Who am I


I’m a highly competent, senior creative professional that strives to provide Fortune 500 clients with strategic creative direction and custom product design solutions to engage with consumers. I’m a hybrid creative asset that has knowledge in BTL Strategy, Product Development, Promotional Marketing, Creative Management and a unique method of stitching all of these together for the biggest bang. I’m part artist, entrepreneur, mentor, sales person and collaborator that strives to bring a specialized creative vision to a client brief. I’m at home on the front lines, I love going to battle and collaborating with internal teams and executives and teaming up with freelancers and agencies to give the client the win and the ROI. My current position allows me the benefit of leading 3 offices across North America and collaborating with 4 others around the globe. I am responsible for implementing new ideas and innovation, doing category research by keeping up to date with current trends and by attending events such as Toy Fair, E3, Comic Con and others. Above all I am an aggressive, passionate client facing senior creative that is comfortable and confident in having an active part in daily client management from project inception to final deliverable.      

Who am I


I'm an adventurous, energetic, hard working individual that loves life. Besides my passion in Design and Marketing, I am an avid motorcycle rider, painter, photographer and horrible dancer. I have a beautiful wife, 2 cats and a dog that I am constantly trying to do better for. I have lived in Chicago for 11 years and my favorite thing to do is run the lakefront. 

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