A product is nothing without supporting material, visuals and direction. The best part of P.O.P is you already have the product, and you can tailor it in the best way possible. In my years of design, my favorite were working in retail design, structuring a story for consumers in a 5" X 5" footprint. The best way to tell a brand story is through visuals and materials.

shell V-Power

In addition to tailoring a product so innovative it shook the marketplace, we created a custom display as well as packaging, custom collectors box and all other supporting material. The series of 6 water powered cars were a hit with consumers.


KFC was a fantastic client to work with, we had secured the premium manufacturing and the yearly calendar. We set our sites for all P.O.P and have been producing KFC's P.O.P exclusively for the last 5 years.

Global P.O.P

Global communication is an integral part of any campaign. By using experience, market research and personal experience I helped guide world wide communication for dozen of clients.