Kellogg's Avengers Flyers

Problem: Kellogg's wanted to make a not so family friendly movie, friendly for all, with the Avengers license.

Solution: Brainstorm!!! Marvel is one of the hottest licenses in the world, how do you translate that through a premium? After weeks of planning we gave our reccomendations and this concept rose to the top!

Results:The Avengers license was Kellogg's second foray into the premiums world after a 4 year hiatus. The results speak for themselves, Kellogg's experienced an exponential growth in RTEC within the first month.

The Kellogg's Avengers Flyer was an innovative product in the sense that it made pack fit. By coming up with a unique folding in design, we gave consumers a 7 inch flyer in a 1 inch square polybag.

Although we did not execute the packaging, the premium created compeled Kellogg's to dedicate more space on-pack leading to another successful premium rollout.