KFC Tiki Cups

Problem: KFC did not have a license or a product to release for a very important part of the calendar year.

Solution: They chose to go with a generic product that would coincide with a popular release at the time. Maxx was tasked to create a product that embodied the mood they were going for.

Results: The Carribean market loved the interlocking Tiki Cups, it was a one of a kind promotion for the region as it was an S.L.O. Regardless of the cost, the Tiki Cups sold out and have inspired many QSR'S to look at a generic product tie-in.

The Tiki Cups had a few points of differentiation from anything on the market at that time. One, they were enginered to stack perfectly, making an actual Tiki Pole. Second they had an inner body that gave the brown outside mold a bright interior, adding to the appeal of the younger demographic.

The most crucial part of the process was providing BKC with a one to one of what we thought we could do for budget and timing. We utilized an in-house 3D printer to make something each manager could hold in their hand and approve.